The only fully-integrated,
wholly secure and
genuinely intuitive
collaboration solution.

Empower Your Team With VIA3

Our Mission

VIA3 empowers its clients to conduct secure collaborative sessions over the Internet that mirror their natural work styles and business processes, while generating measurable cost-cutting and productivity benefits.

VIA3 provides users with a means of communication wherever the Internet takes them.  It is the only trusted communication software with end-to-end encryption and multiple layers of security, ensuring your online communications are private.  Our software is a seamless integration of online essentials – instant messaging, real-time high quality video, real-time full duplex audio and a comprehensive web-based workspace designed to connect users, processes and information.

Our Story

VIA3 Corporation was founded in 1999 to meet the need for a complete, fully secure, and affordable online collaboration service.  To create a truly intuitive user experience, the VIA3 team thoroughly examined people’s natural meeting behavior and work style before writing a single line of code.

VIA3 – the only fully-integrated, wholly secure and genuinely intuitive collaboration solution – was born out of this process of rigorous research, development and testing. VIA3 Assured Collaboration Service increases productivity and lowers costs by enabling people to easily and affordably meet online, with full confidence that their sensitive communications and information can never be compromised.

Easily save, access, and share files across your virtual workplace with collaborators with one click of the button.

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