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VIA3 Overview

Discover how you can use VIA3 Web conferencing to:

  • Get your message across with interactive webinars and webcasts featuring integrated PowerPoint® presentations, screen sharing, polling, chat and more.
  • Conduct interactive online sales presentations and product demonstrations to clients across town or across the globe using only your computer. Get your message across with interactive webinars and webcasts featuring integrated PowerPoint® presentations, screen sharing, polling, chat and more. Present your audio, video, and PowerPoint® information to hundreds of participants worldwide. Engage your audience by being seen as well as being heard. Using a webcam, numerous presenters can be seen by the online meeting audience.
  • Eliminate long distance charges using VoIP while conducting online meetings with unlimited attendees anywhere in the world.
  • Deliver interactive online consultation, classes, E-Learning sessions and training easily and affordably. Archive audio recordings for 24/7 on-demand access.
  • Establish secure corporate communication with VIA3 Instant Messaging
  • Collaborate with peers around the world on documents through joint editing, sharing, storage, versioning, and relevant discussion threads - all from the included VIA3 Workspaces!

VIA3 from VIA3 Corporation enables professionals across all industries to meet online effortlessly and affordably, using only an Internet-ready computer. Management teams, sales and marketing professionals, creative and design teams, and more can benefit from the increased productivity and convenience of collaborating via web conferences using an array of interactive features like polling, text chatting, IM, and screen sharing.

No other web conferencing company makes it so easy to get your message out and meet online. VIA3 is so simple to use you'll be up and running in just a few minutes, without involving your IT department.

Who is VIA3 for?

Sales and Marketing:

Make sales presentations, demonstrate applications, and even review and electronically sign contracts online.


Train customers, partners, and employees anywhere in the world. Record audio and video for on-demand training as well.


Be face to face with your entire consulting base virtually, rather than in-person.


Rest easy knowing VIA3 has AES-Level Security built in from the ground-up, so all of your sensitive data is protected. Double click to securely connect with the Board of Directors, upper management, partners, and investors. Broadcast your company meeting to 10 people, or 1000.


Meet and train with any or all employees, conduct reviews, and participate in management reviews remotely and/or discreetly. Share, store, and collaborate on sensitive documents knowing you are protected by the strongest security you can get in an online telework application.