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VIA3 Presentations Presentations

VIA3 Application Sharing screenshot

Show a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to everyone in the meeting. The rich features of PowerPoint slideshows, such as animations, video clips, and highlighting tools are available to the presenter in exactly the same way as they are for conventional PowerPoint presentations.

Everyone in the meeting sees the same presentation as the presenter, including animations, video clips etc. The presentation is automatically scaled to fit each audience member's screen so everyone sees the entire slide without having to scroll.

Small webinars and collaborative presentations show all meeting members video and audio in the meeting. The presenters see the audience video next to the presentation, and can use it with chat message feedback and spoken questions from the audience to pace the presentation similarly to face to face meetings.

In larger meetings, audience video and audio are not shown by default. The presenters can promote one or more audience members to be a co-presenter at any time, for example during a question and answer session. This way, the entire audience can hear the question being asked. Questions can also be submitted by audience members via the meeting chat tool.

If you wish to show an application or your desktop, see Desktop Sharing.

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