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VIA3 audio feature Audio and Video

VIA3 audio feature screenshot

VIA3 uses advanced audio compression to deliver near CD-quality audio over the Internet with standard equipment - common desktop speakers or a computer headset. You can hear the difference between VIA3 audio and standard telephone or VOIP audio. There are no additional charges for conference calling or separate phone connections since you no longer need the telephone to hear others in your meetings.

Your meeting audio is better because unwanted sounds and echoes are prevented through automatic echo cancellation. The volume levels are adjusted using automatic gain control and a visual cue indicates who is speaking at any given time. While VIA3 optimizes your audio during meetings, you can still fully adjust the volume of the meeting and individual participants.

Using any webcam, meeting participants can make their live video available for others to see. VIA3 multipoint video technology enables video to be sent and received from all meeting participants in real time, making meetings more dynamic and interactive. VIA3 users can resize their video, upload a still image, or pause their video at any time. All participants can also start and stop other participants’ video in meetings.

VIA3 uses the latest video conferencing compression standard, H.264, to ensure the sharpest image quality and color. VIA3 delivers higher quality video and audio while requiring less than half the bandwidth of older compression technologies. In addition, VIA3 constantly optimizes your video based on your internet connection and computer capabilities to preserve the highest quality audio experience.

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