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VIA3 Federal Accounts

VIA3 is the only trusted communication software with end-to-end encryption and multiple layers of security ensuring your online communications are private.

VIA3 allows users to conduct online presentations, meetings, training, demos, desktop sharing, white-boarding, and file collaboration over the web. Due to VIA3's industry leading security, all data, voice, and video is secured with 128-bit AES is the only FIPS140-2 Level 1 compliant web conferencing software in the market (FIPS Certificate**). VIA3 is available in Software as a Service (SaaS) model or as an on-premise deployment. Anything Federal employees can do in a physical conference room can now be done virtually.

VIA3 was chosen for it's depth of flexible features and comprehensive approach to security, but the beauty of this product is in its simplicity. Unlike some complex Video Teleconferencing systems requiring significant hardware investments, users can be up and running securely in a matter of minutes on any reliable web connection. With just a webcam and a microphone, any connected knowledge worker can realize productivity from any location, a feature that is critical for governmental "Continuity of Operations" mandates. In addition, the included VOIP (Audio streamed over the internet) gives agencies a massive reduction in communication costs. One monthly price gives the user unlimited audio, video, meetings, presentations, and file sharing.

To purchase from the GSA Schedule, Contact Winvale.

To purchase from the NASA SEWP contract, Contact TSPI.

On premises Solution

Our solution is also available in an on premises version. All of the same features, benefits and privacy can be installed on your network. For more information please contact VIA3's Sales Department. Contact VIA3 Sales


Winvale, a leading government technology reseller, adds VIA3’s FIPS validated collaboration tools to the GSA Schedule to pursue public sector business. We firmly believe that public sector organizations will gain access to one of the web collaboration industry's leading products in VIA3’s VIA3 solution, while at the same time benefit from Winvale track record of deploying best in class solutions with in the public sector.

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Technology Solutions Provider, Inc.
Technology Solutions Provider, Inc.

TSPI and VIA3 have formed a strategic alliance to offer customers the best in class web conferencing solution designed to securely meet changing business demands. The VIA3 solution enhances security, communication and reduces cost.

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